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My River Song’s Diary Project.
Ok. So I have been wanting to post this for a while. For part of my River Song costume I made her diary, but since I had a lot of time on my hands at the time, I put a lot of work into it.
• first I had to organize River song’s whole timeline and life on paper and in my mind. this took forever. Then I did a small thumbnail mockup of the diary.
• next I found a bunch of images on the Internet, since I cannot draw (thanks and credit to the artists who I do not know) that I could use as watermarks and images within the diary.
• then I printed them onto regular paper and when I folded the paper like a book I had the first four pages and then the next sheet made pages 5-8 etc.
• I started out with the premise that River woke up to the diary beside her up right after the events in LKH. Not knowing exactly what it was for when she went to school to study archaeology she used it as a way to find the doctor throughout history also through her studies. So the first few pages are references to classic Who, and new Who. Things like references to Harold Saxon and to Queen Victoria’s making torchwood and cryptic references in history suggesting the Doctor’s presence.
• then I followed cannon after the point where River is taken to lake Silencio from University. The Doctor tells her that the book is a diary because they meet in the wrong order and so I have her writing her personal history with the doctor as a memory up until the events of the “night and the Doctor” shorts, after that point.
• I follow River’s timeline by writing each cannon adventure from her point of view in her personal time order. Mixed in with some pages written in linear Gallifreyan and some written in circular Gallifreyan. These are adventures I simply imagine between her and the doctor that are not shown or not cannon.
• I put in some pages as a spotters guide and some reference to River’s adventures in the video games.
• then with a pen I went through and Drew on top of the watermarks I had printed on each page making them look a little more hand-drawn, as if doodles and pics put in by River as The Doctor has in the Journal of Impossible Things.
• I distressed the pages with tea, once they were all written, printed and ready to go. When they were dry I sewed them together by hand in sets of three pages each, and then the pieces of three pages I sewed together in groups of six, and then altogether until they were a book and I bound the stitching all together by hand.
• for the shell of the book I used a dollar store notebook that I took the insides out of. I painted and colored the cover distressing it and making it look like River’s diary and then I put the pages I had bound and fastened them into the notebook cover.
• on the Internet I also found promotional pictures and other stills and photo shoots that I used (thanks again to the unknown sources) as potentially having been gathered by River in her adventures or possibly coming from her own personal photo albums that she would have gathered or gotten from her travels, as well as things like the book jacket proof that her mother would have sent to her of the “Angel’s Kiss” along with the little things like handwritten notes that I made up from her family and from The Doctor, or things like the “Demons Run” poem on army stationary I made. even some things with references to Classic Who.